Stoupa West Mani

The "KLEOPATRA" Hotel Apartments are built near one of the most beautiful beaches of Mani, in the beautiful Stoupa, where they can offer you idyllic holidays in wonderful and clean beaches full of vegetation sources.

Stoupa is a seaside village of Mani with a very ancient history that can fascinate the visitor all year round. To the east of the village rises the castle that was the citadel of the ancient city of Lefktron.

During the time of Pausanias there was the temple of Athena as well as her statue. During the Frankish period (1204 - 1259), the castle was rebuilt and named Bofor.

Nikos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas lived here, taking advantage of the mines of Pastvava. It was here that Nikos Kazantzakis was inspired and wrote his book "Life & State" by Alexis Zorbas.

Stoupa offers the opportunity for someone to combine mountain and sea. Starting here, you can tour the magnificent Taygetos, enjoying the tranquility of nature (in the forest of Vasiliki), meet the dominant towers of Mani, the picturesque churches, the small spectacular villages along the unique cobbled streets and the gorges of Byros and Ridomo. In addition, when it comes to sea lovers, there is a variety of sports (swimming, diving and water skiing).
There are well-organized beaches where you can enjoy your swim with all the amenities, while for those who prefer something more peaceful, there are very picturesque secluded beaches.

In modern times, Stoupa keeps alive its architectural design as well as the customs of its ancestors.

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