The history of the hotel

In the past, the families of Mani gave the barren estates (coastal) to the women of the family.

The fertile estates (olive groves) where they were located in the mountains of Mani were given to the boys. Anastasia Mantzounea (grandmother Tasia) inherited the plot, where after years, she gave it to her son Evangelos Mantzouneas of Konstantinos.

After a few years, Evangelos and his wife Kleopatra Mantzounea decided to build the "KLEOPATRA" Furnished Apartments Hotel.

Mani is an area dominated by men but the people of Mani have always had great respect for their wives, which is why Evangelos gave his wife's name to the hotel.

Today, Konstantinos Mantzouneas, son of Evangelos and Kleopatra, continues the tradition by upgrading the hotel and together with his sister Anastasia Mantzouneas maintains the family tradition and hospitality of Mani at high levels with the expectation that his son Evangelos and his daughter Kleopatra

We thank all our customers for their vacation.

We will continue our effort by saving History and Tradition.


Mantzouneas Konstantinos